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Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

While each personal injury case is different, they all share a common baseline that plaintiffs and defendants can encounter. Whether you are looking for a construction accident lawyer New York has to offer or a reliable personal injury law firm, here are the common steps involved from the beginning of a case to its resolution.

Step #1: Hiring of an attorney

After an accident that leads to personal injury, the first course of action should be to hire a lawyer. For instance, if you are involved in a construction accident in New York, the next step should be to consult your preferred construction accident lawyer New York has to offer. First off, the presence of a lawyer is important to provide the proof of your injury. A personal injury often leads to various damages and the level of compensation varies from one state to another. To get the compensation that you deserve, the intervention of a lawyer is very important.

Step #2: Filing the complaint

Once you establish your case and you are sure that it is legitimate, your doctor needs to file a complaint regarding a personal injury. This is the first document, providing details of what led to the personal injury. After filing the complaint, your attorney looks for the defendant and serves him or her with the complaint. This should be done in a way that can be proved later. The defendant cannot, therefore, claim not know about the complaint. The service papers reveal the date when the defendant should appear in court.

Step #3: The defendant hires a lawyer

Within a period of one month or two, the defendant should find an attorney before the first appearance in court. Defense attorneys are available to represent the defendant. On your part, you should find a reliable trial lawyer who has a good experience in representing the complainants.

Step #4: Pre-trial process begins

At this stage, both sides are engaged in the discovery phase in which they ask for evidence and witness information. In the initial stages, both parties inform the judge on the progress of the case, and on whether they can agree on a settlement plan. As the parties proceed with the discovery stage, they begin to present evidence and witnesses. They also conduct examinations and cross-examinations in court, which usually happen under oath.

These stages are critical and require the intervention of a legal expert. In New York, you can consult a relevant law firm such as Triallaw1 for support. With a reliable attorney, you can find an amicable settlement that you deserve for a personal injury. If you are looking for a reliable medical malpractice law firm for hire or a construction accident lawyer New York has to offer, you can try visiting

Step #5: Settlement stage

In many cases, the parties involved in a personal injury case adopt a settlement before trial. This can happen at any stage since the initiation of the case. When the attorneys agree, the settlement can take place a short duration after the discovery stage. In the end, it makes sense to involve a legal expert in a personal injury case. Visit

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