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The Advantages of Deploying SharePoint 2013

In the online collaboration and portal development space, Microsoft SharePoint has grown into something of a behemoth. A lot of companies are adopting SharePoint in order to help them in centralizing knowledge, improving workplace collaboration as well as developing applications on the SharePoint platform that will help these businesses to improve productivity and maintain a competitive edge. With MS SharePoint, organizations are able to have actionable intelligence that can help them in better business decision-making. Thanks to its rapid growth and adoption by many enterprises, there is an increase in demand for SharePoint end-user training services that can help these organizations in fully leveraging this platform.

Advantages of Deploying SharePoint

SharePoint has certain winning edges and with SharePoint end-user training, organizations are able to fully leverage these capabilities. These include the following:

Get better handling of your web presence

SharePoint has made the handling of the various aspects of web presence considerably easier. It is no longer an arduous process. You no longer have to grapple with those complex style sheets, packaging or even the designer assets. With SharePoint end-user training, users need only basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills in order to create robust intranet as well as public facing websites. This in turn will cut down on the costs internal support and unlocks lots of efficiencies in the business.

Improve hosting of public facing websites

Hosting of websites on SharePoint is no longer a complex and frustrating process. Users now have a fully-featured product that can compete with some of the best hosting platforms out there. With SharePoint end-user training, users will learn how to easily serve web pages on a multiplicity of devices. In SharePoint 2013, you also have numerous host-panel like features such as search engine optimization, sitemaps based on XML, SEO-friendly URLs as well as various SEO settings.

Better business intelligence

With SharePoint, there are greater capabilities for business intelligence as well as comprehensive data reports. Businesses that deploy the platform can now delve deeper into data insights and analytics. With SharePoint 2013, there is even better integration with MS Excel.

Mobile Support

It is impossible to imagine the modern environment without all those tablets and smartphones. Every employee is using them and SharePoint supports that. It is now possible for users to get better SharePoint experience in all kinds of devices. With the contemporary view on SharePoint that allows very quick access in a multiplicity of platforms ranging from iOS devices, Windows Phones to Samsung Galaxy amongst others. It also has built-in location awareness features that can enable businesses to build location-aware applications on the platform.

Thanks to these advantages and many more, MS SharePoint is now a great staple for a lot of organizations worldwide. It comes with lots of enhancements including a lot features that will help you gain greater insight into your business. With SharePoint end-user training, you and your staff will be able to leverage these features in order to deliver on efficiency and productivity gains for the business. New Horizons Australia offers professional SharePoint training that helps organizations in building the right level of expertise for SharePoint deployment.

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