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Useful Resources and Links

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Articles and Interviews by Cole

NOTE: These articles are pdf documents and may take a moment to download. Adobe Reader is required to open and view these documents. If you need a FREE version of Adobe Acrobat® Reader, click here to get your copy.

  1. Why Do Legal Rainmakers Have all the Fun?
  2. Do These 3 Things if You Want a Profitable Law Practice!
  3. Most Lawyers Are Miserable...But You Don't Have To One of Them!
  4. Why Don't Law Schools Teach The #1 Factor for Success?
  5. The 5 Keys to High Impact Legal marketing...Even if You Hate to Sell!
  6. Don't Market Your Law Practice...Alone
  7. Powerful Cures for an Allergic Reaction to Marketing
  8. Connect and Grow Rich
  9. As We Enter a Recession...Don't Forget to Take Care of Your Clients
  10. Why Your Firm Needs a Client Ambassador
  11. Hear Cole interviewed by Julie Fleming-Brown, J.D., author of Life at the Bar LLC
  12. Hear Cole interviewed by Smart Legal Marketing where he discusses “How to thrive (and not just survive) in the economic downturn”.
  13. Hear Cole Interviewed by Legal Research and Writing Pro's President Lisa Solomon where he discusses "Sevens Ways to Increase the Lifetime Value of the Client in the New Year".
  14. Hear Cole Interviewed by on "Adapting to Gain Market Share". (Clicking this link may automatically download an MP3 file to your computer, so you can listen anytime.)

Legal Marketing Sites

  1. Attorneys Forum - Legal Help and Law Discussion Forums.
  2. The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) site.
  3. - A law firm tv advertising agency based in Pennsylvania.
  4. FindLawís site for legal marketing services.
  5. Ed Pollís law business site.
  6. Tom Kaneís legal marketing site.
  7. Larry Bodineís legal marketing site.
  8. Carolyn Elefantís site for solos and small law firms.
  9. Patrick Lambís blog on legal marketing.
  10. Amy Campbellís Web Log on marketing.
  11. Expert legal consultants to the legal community.
  12. Law firm business development and consulting.
  13. Andy Haven's site for advertising and marketing .
  14. Sales, service and quality issues for lawyers and firms.
  15. Leadership development by Julie Fleming-Brown.
  16. Public relations firm specializing in lawyers and law firms.
  17. Marketing, branding and advertising for lawyers.
  18. Law firm marketing, analytics and site design.
  19. Sally Schmidt's legal marketing site.
  20. Home study marketing course by Rjon Roberts.
  21. Legal internet marketing & website design.
  22. Bill Cobb's strategic marketing site.
  23. Greenfield Belser's advertising and marketing firm.
  24. Nader Aniseís legal marketing site
  25. Strategic marketing services in for the legal profession.
  26. Marketing with blogs.
  27. Patrick Sweeney and Mike O'Horo's site
  28. Marketing by David Maister.
  29. Stephanie West Allenís blog on law and marketing.
  30. Premier legal consulting firm.
  31. Margaret Grisdela's legal marketing site.
  32. Ben Glass's personal injury legal marketing site.
  33. Dan Hull's weblog on servicing business clients
  34. Jim Hassett's LegalBizDev blog.
  35. ABA Law Practice Management Section
  36. Small firm marketing from The American Lawyer.
  37. Sara Holtz helps lawyers become successful rainmakers.
  38. Education-Based Marketing for lawyers.
  39. World Renowned Marketing and Management Programs for law firms.
  40. Mark Steven's site on marketing and business development.
  41. Lawyer practice and life resources.
  42. Blog for lawyers to find agencies, consultants, vanity phone numbers, advice, tips and post questions to the experts.
  43. Nancy Fox's legal marketing site.
  44. Massive law blogroll.
  45. Online magazine for marketing and life balance issues
  46. Premier marketing and research company for law firms.
  47. Henry Harlow's legal marketing coaching site
  48. Business development and referral university from attorney Garnes
  49. Levick Strategic Communications site
  50. Stephen Seckler's site
  51. Thomas Ciesielka's public relations site
  52. Suzanne Lowe's marketing site
  53. Susan Cartier Liebel's site for solos
  54. Barbara Keddy's marketing site
  55. Bill Cusick's site on client retention
  56. Mark Satterfield's marketing site
  57. Jan Jasper's time management skills site
  58. Dave Lakahani's site on marketing
  59. John Remsen's legal marketing site
  60. Michael Cummings' site for legal marketing.
  61. Lisa Solomon's site for all products for lawyers
  62. Amy Spach's site for writing services for lawyers
  63. Ken Lizotte's site for thought leading marketing
  64. Curtis Bingham's site on client retention and service
  65. Strategic interviews by Joyce Smiley
  66. Arvee Robinson's site on speaking like a pro
  67. Micah Buchdahl's site on legal business development
  68. Lynne Waymon's site on professional networking
  69. Jill Griffin's site on client loyalty and retention
  70. Nancy Michaels' site on marketing services
  71. Lorna Riley's site on client retention
  72. Peter Rouse's site on legal matters and development

Career Consulting

  1. Hindi Greenberg legal career consulting.
  2. Offers books, workshops, and other career resources for a life in the law. Great resources included.
  3. Career Consulting and Executive Coaching for professionals.
  4. Career coaching for lawyers.
  5. Career management for professionals.
  6. Alternative careers consulting.
  7. All about careers in the law.
  8. powerfulcoaching.comPersonal development coaching for lawyers.
  9. Ask the Career Counselors. . . Answers for Lawyers on Their Lives and Life's Work.
  10. Simon Tupman's law life balance site.
  11. Monica Parker's coaching site on getting out of the law.
  12. Michael Melcher's site for career coaching for lawyers
  13. Deborah Katz Solomon’s site for large law firm marketing and coaching

Attorney Marketing Books

  1. Best Practices in Legal Marketing by Allan S. Boress and Michael G. Cummings
  2. Marketing the Legal Mind by Henry Dahut
  3. How to Start and Build a Law Practice, Fifth Edition, by Jay G. Foonberg
  4. Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers by Gina Furia Rubel, Esquire
  5. Through The Clients Eyes by Henry Ewalt
  6. The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing Your Practice, Second Edition by James A. Durham and Deborah McMurray
  7. The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet, Second Edition by Gregory H. Siskind and Deborah McMurray
  8. Trainer's Manual for the Law Firm Associate's Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills by Beth Marie Cuzzone and Catherine Alman MacDonagh
  9. Women Rainmakers' Best Marketing Tips, Second Edition by Theda C. Snyder
  10. How to Capture and Keep Clients: Marketing Strategies for Lawyers by Jennifer Rose
  11. The Law Firm Associate's Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills by Beth Marie Cuzzone and Catherine Alman MacDonagh
  12. Marketing Success Stories: Conversations with Leading Lawyers, Second Edition by Hollis Hatfield Weishar and Joyce K. Smiley
  13. Successful Marketing For The Sole Practitioner by Tom Kane
  14. Strategic Marketing Planning by James A. Durham and Hollis Hatfield Weishar
  15. How to Build and Manage a Personal Injury Practice, Second Edition by K. William Gibson
  16. Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms by William J. Winston

Marketing and Client Retention Books

  1. Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants: Breakthrough Tactics for Winning Profitable Clients by Jay Conrad Levinson
  2. What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business by Harry Beckwith
  3. Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty by Andrew Sobel
  4. 50 Powerful Ideas You Can Use to Keep Your Customers by Paul Timm
  5. Lessons in Loyalty by Lorriane Grubbes-West
  6. Making Your Contacts Count by Baber & Wayman
  7. Rain Making by Ford Harding
  8. Off the Wall Marketing Ideas by Michaels & Karpowicz
  9. Customer Loyalty by Jill Griffin
  10. Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale
  11. Clients Forever by Doug Carter
  12. Clients for Life by Jagdish N. Sheth and Andrew Sobel
  13. Customers as Partners by Chip Bell
  14. 76 Ways to Build a Straight Referral Business by Lorna Riley
  15. Get Clients NOW by CJ Hayden
  16. Get More Referrals Now by Bill Cates
  17. Winning in the Invisible Market by Robert Potte
  18. Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez
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